Barbie aesthetics, which came to the fore again with the Barbie movie released this week, generally refers to aesthetic procedures that aim to resemble the physical features of Barbie dolls. Barbie dolls are a popular line of dolls with distinctive features such as long legs, slim waist, big eyes, large breasts and elegant facial features. Some people may try to make themselves look like Barbie dolls through plastic surgery, taking the appearance of these dolls as an example.

Barbie aesthetics often involve changing a person’s body shape, facial features and other physical features. Such aesthetic procedures may include surgical and non-surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, lip fillers, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, buttock augmentation and liposuction.

However, it should not be forgotten that such aesthetic procedures may have various risks and side effects. Surgeries require serious decision making and may not be suitable for everyone. The results of plastic surgery may be permanent and result in undesirable results. Before undergoing such procedures, it is important that a person consults with an expert plastic surgeon and speaks openly about their medical history and expectations so that it can be performed risk-free.

Remember that beauty standards differ from person to person and the most important thing is that you feel happy and healthy. If you are considering cosmetic procedures, it is important to make an informed decision by speaking to a qualified healthcare professional.