G5 massage is applied with the help of a special device, which is a rhythmic massage device. G5 massage is applied with a massage device that applies rhythmic vibrations and pushing force through specially designed heads. The G5 device, which applies vibration and pushing force on the application area, is one of the most preferred methods used in cellulite treatments for many years.
The device, which provides tightening through rapid vibrations, provides improvement in the appearance of cellulite and tightening and slimming in the applied area. In addition, G5 massage is effective in regulating regional circulation, accelerating metabolism and ensuring blood circulation.

Herbal and therapeutic aromatherapy oils are used in G5 massage.

The recommended number of sessions is 10 – 20 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what cases can G5 massage be preferred?

Cellulite treatment, regional slimming, skin tightening and tightening, regional circulation acceleration are among the situations in which G5 massage is preferred. It is also the most preferred method by people who cannot exercise regularly.

How many minutes is one session of G5 Massage?

G5 massage is a slimming method applied by experts for approximately 30 minutes. The effects of the application are seen after 5 sessions.

To whom can G5 Massage not be applied?

It is not recommended for pregnant women, those who have just given birth, those who have recently had surgery, and those with epilepsy. It is recommended to be applied to people with varicose veins as well as to areas without varicose veins.

In Which Areas Is G5 Massage Applied?

This method is mostly preferred in areas such as waist, hip, thigh area and arms.

How are G5 Massage Prices determined?

When G5 massage prices are examined, it is known that there is a lot of different price information. The most important thing to consider for G5 massage is whether the application is performed by professionals.