Op. Dr. Barış Çin


Payment types for procedures performed in our clinic are as follows. Fees for surgery and medical procedures are collected before the procedure begins, as in all healthcare institutions. (except some emergencies)

If the operations of our patients to be operated on will be performed in a private hospital, a deposit of approximately 300 euros is required to make an appointment at the hospital. This deposit is refunded in the same way if there is a cancellation up to 1 week before the surgery. However, if the surgery is canceled at the last minute for an arbitrary reason, hospitals charge a penalty fee because they cannot make a new appointment. The deposit is refunded after deducting this fee. If the operation is canceled due to reasons such as Covid+, infection, negative anesthesia tests, etc., there will be no penalty fee. However, refunds are made after deducting the fees for blood tests and other procedures performed in the hospital.

If the operation or procedure will be performed in the clinic, there is no deposit required. However, if there will be an airport transfer, a deposit may be required to pay for it.


In our clinic, payment is accepted in Turkish Lira, Dollar and Euro. The advantage of this method is that there is no commission or foreign exchange conversion fee.

Physical POS

There is a physical POS device belonging to İş Bankası in our clinic. However, free installments cannot be made. However, patients can make installments with interest difference through their own banks after withdrawing their credit card or debit card.

For transactions made through POS, banks charge an average of 2% commission from the card holder and 2% commission from the buyer. They also charge 6% for foreign currency conversion under the name DCC (direct currency exchange). Therefore, the transaction fee increases by 8-10%.

Virtual Pos

We can send a collection link via İş Bank’s virtual POS system so that our patients, especially those coming from abroad, who cannot reach our clinic can pay the deposit.

Western Union

To make payment to our clinic, payment can be sent via Western Union on behalf of Turkey Istanbul İş Bank Ataşehir Branch “Barış Çin”. Depending on the amount to be sent, banks charge a transaction fee of 4.4-20%.

Wire Transfer – EFT

Direct money transfer and EFT can be made to the account number below. Again, banks charge a transfer fee, a fee if the exchange rate is changed, and also a commission.

Turkish lira

Türkiye İş Bankası Ataşehir Branch (1226)

IBAN: TR23 0006 4000 0011 2260 5541 37

Euro Account

Türkiye İş Bankası Ataşehir Branch

IBAN: TR22 0006 4000 0021 2260 4930 40

Dollar account

Türkiye İş Bankası Ataşehir Branch

IBAN: TR67 0006 4000 0021 2260 5016 39


For our patients who want to send money from abroad to the above account, İşbank swift code is ISBKTRIS

For money transfers sent from the USA, CHIPS UID: 003546 (Routing Code is also used instead of ABA Number)

On the other hand, in order for the money transfer to reach the recipient more easily, the recipient’s name, surname (Barış Çin) and address (Koşuyolu Mahallesi Mehmet Akfan Sokak No:19-21 Kadıköy İstanbul Turkey) must be written completely, and if known, the recipient’s 26-digit IBAN (starting with TR) International Bank Account Number: International Bank Account Number TR670006400000212260501639 (dollar))

Especially in bank transfers and swift transactions made from abroad, it may take up to 2-3 weeks for the money to reach Turkey, and sometimes transfers from European Union countries may be suspended for verification due to suspicion of “fraud”. Additionally, the receiving bank may charge a fee for the money to be transferred to the account. For this reason, we recommend that cash and POS devices are preferred in international transactions, and if EFT and SWIFT are to be made, this should be done at least 1 month in advance. If the full amount requested before the operation or transaction is not received, the transaction will not be carried out.

Our patients who will make EFT and SWIFT payments must make transfers between accounts in the same foreign currency, otherwise the money sent will not reach the recipient account. (From Turkish Lira to Turkish lira account, from dollar account to dollar account, from euro account to euro account, etc.)