Aquapeel skin care is an anti-aging care method that can be applied in all seasons, its effect can be felt instantly and is performed with a device. The products used in the application are applied to the skin without touching, and excess sebum secretion and dead cells are removed from the skin surface with the effect of vortex heads.

The difference of Hydrafacial treatment from classical skin care treatments; It purifies the epidermis layer during application and also provides deep serum delivery.

Regular application aims to solve skin problems such as loss of skin elasticity, fine lines, revitalization of skin tone, dark spots, enlarged and clogged pores.

Before the Aquapeel skin care procedure, a skin analysis is performed to determine the skin’s main needs. In the first stage, the skin is cleansed from excess oil secretion and dead cells, and the second stage is the cleansing of the dead part of the skin before crusting occurs. In the third stage, namely extraction, the clogged pores are cleaned and the solutions needed by the skin are used to reduce fine lines, eliminate skin tone disorders and nourish the skin.

In order for the results of Aquapeel skin care application to be more permanent and effective, it is recommended to use daily care products with the same ingredients as the products used in the application.

Aquapeel skin care, which cleanses the skin while also eliminating skin problems, is recommended for 4-6 sessions every two weeks, depending on the skin’s needs. Each session is completed in 45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To whom should Aqua Peel not be applied?

Although no harm has been determined, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Aqua Peel is not applied if there is an open wound, active eczema, or new scar. If deep skin peeling applications such as chemical peeling have been performed in the last month, it is recommended to wait a little longer for Aqua Peel.

How often should Aqua Peel be done?

Aqua Peel technology is an ideal cure for 4-6 sessions with 2 weeks intervals for therapeutic applications.

How to do Aqua Peel skin care?

Aqua peeling application starts with cleansing and peeling procedures. Your skin is cleaned for 5 – 10 minutes with a special solution containing low alpha hydroxy acid. With this cleansing process, your skin is cleansed of dead skin and your pores are opened. After cleansing and peeling, special solutions are used to reduce fine lines and eliminate skin tone disorders.

How long does the aqua peel process take?

Aqua peel consists of 3 different stages and one session is completed in 45 minutes.

What does Aquapeel do?

In addition to being natural, Aqua peel cleans the skin deeply. It opens clogged pores, allows them to breathe and rough skin heals immediately. First of all, apply for 5 or 10 minutes depending on the skin’s needs. Aqua peeling is applied with alpha hydroxide acid. This process helps to clean dead tissues and open the pores.