Aquiline nose is a term that refers to a long, curved and slightly downward-sloping nose shape. Here is more information about the aquiline nose:

Definition and Features: Aquiline nose is a nose shape in which the dorsum of the nose is marked by a high arch and the tip of the nose is slightly inclined downwards. They usually show up prominently in Profile View.
Genetic and Ethnic Factors: Aquiline nose is a result of genetic inheritance. This nose shape tends to be more common in certain ethnic groups. It is especially common among Caucasian, Middle Eastern and South Asian people. However, it can occur in people of any ethnicity.
Aesthetic Perception: Aquiline nose can be evaluated in different cultural ways. While in some cultures this nose shape is considered a symbol of beauty and attractiveness, in other cultures a different aesthetic ideal may be preferred. Aesthetic preferences may vary individually and culturally.
Nose Aesthetics: People who are uncomfortable with their aquiline nose shape may consider a nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) procedure. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that uses surgical techniques to change the shape and proportions of the nose. In this procedure, the nasal bones and cartilages can be reshaped.
Self-Confidence and Acceptance: Each nose shape is a natural feature that reflects a person’s uniqueness. Aquiline nose or any other nose shape is part of a person’s appearance and should be accepted. Loving and accepting yourself is important. However, if you have aesthetic concerns, you can evaluate the options by consulting an experienced plastic surgeon.
Expert Opinion: If you are considering rhinoplasty or any other aesthetic procedure, it is important to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. The specialist evaluates your nose shape and recommends the most suitable treatment plan for you, taking into account your goals and expectations.