Testimonials Archive - Op. Dr. Barış Çin

I was had low self esteem due to my small popo. This doctor changed my life! He is very comforting and I had less pain than I anticipated. But he talks a lot :)

Katherina Hobbs

I came from London to have my breast transformation. The surgery only took 30 minutes and Doctor B changed my life. I was a A- now I have C+.  Thank you doctor!

Alexander Sandraj

I had my dysplastic nevus removed and eyebrow lift. I am very pleased.. Certainly recommended ;)

Elizabeth Mcqueen

At first I had hesitations about having surgery  in another country, but I have heard from other friends about this doctors reputation. He is very comforting and reassuring. He gave me choices about the hospital, and I chose the best one! The hospital was luxurious and very clean and staff was very friendly .  I had a A class treatment with affordable price.. Would definitely recommend.. thank you doctor B!

Mary McCollum

The doctor is very attentive and I can always reach him whenever I have questions, I am happy I chose this doctor :)

Steven Rashford
Truck Driver

I had hair implantation in Istanbul, I ate a lot of kebab, I need another session in Istanbul for liposuction...

Martin Stevens
Company Owner

I had armlift and thighlift. Very smooth surgery. Back in sport in 2 months. This doctor is wonderfully helpful!

Anna Karanina
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